About De Academic House

De Academic House (DAH) is an educational consulting practice, established in October 2013 to help Malaysian students access college, university and school courses. We provide tailored advice to students built on insights from research and surveys, thus ensuring that the appropriate course and institution are identified in accordance with their needs.

We also offer a comprehensive educational calendar (Edu-Calendar) on our website to allow students or working adults to browse relevant education-related events, and in doing so:

  • enhance their professional knowledge and understand their needs better;
  • gain exciting experiences through diverse events, activities, credited programmes and courses

We encourage members of the public – institutions and organisations especially – to advertise their events on Edu-Calendar, free of charge.

Our Vision

Vision and values

We are committed to helping students to realise their career aspirations by providing an outstanding level of service. Our work is underpinned by three values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Professionalism
  3. Social responsibility


About the founder

kay-founderKay Tang holds a degree in Economics from Northern University of Malaysia and a Master’s degree in Finance and Investment from University of Exeter, UK.

Upon completing the Master’s programme, Kay worked as a Financial Analyst at Dell Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. She also worked at a cultural communication organisation and for a legal professional limited company in London.

With De Academic House, Kay wishes to help younger generations in identifying their passion, and in doing so enhance their study and career prospects for a successful future.

Kay can be followed on Facebook at kaytang1@gmail.com and on WhatsApp or WeChat at +60124375828. The DAH office is based in Perai of Jalan Tenggiri, 3 miles from Sunway Carnival Mall.

What inspired Kay to take up her mission

With roots in a patriarchal family, Kay’s mother was brought up with little education. Despite this, she never gave up emphasising the importance of learning, and was a thrifty housekeeper to support the family’s education expenses. The way she cultivated the spirit of education had a very profound influence on Kay.

Kay started her education servicing career while working in London. Her passion in the education industry was reinforced through her work on student applications of further study.

Her understanding was that most students were instilled from an early age with the thought that the purpose of study was to achieve top marks, in order to enrol onto a good college or university. From most parents’ point of view, a successful life for their children would mean having a good career and making good money.

Most students therefore concentrate solely on results, ignoring the importance that education contributes towards living a happy and healthy life, learning about lifelong learning tools, turning dreams into reality, being social, overcoming negative emotions and being motivated, enjoying and appreciating relationships, gaining and sharing life experiences, and much more besides.