The Educational Calendar (Edu-Calendar) is a free listings service from De Academic House. Edu-Calendar is open to any member of the public for advertising education-related events.


Events must be related to education, with Edu-Calendar content fulfilling any one of the following purposes:

  • students are offered assistance in pursuing an interest
  • students are supported in further studies
  • young people are encouraged participate in a different curriculum
  • like-minded people are brought together
  • communities are motivated and inspired
  • members of the public are encouraged to get involved in educational volunteering

Examples include: a singing & drawing competition; an art exhibition; a music concert; a conference; a talk; a motivation course & workshop; a college/university open day & information week.

How to Submit an Event

To submit an event to Edu-Calendar, register first by clicking register and then login. An event may be submitted to Edu-Calendar at any time simply by clicking Submit Events. Before submitting an event, please check that your event has not already been submitted to the Edu-Calendar.

An event will be advertised on Edu-Calendar only after verification by the administrator, which may take up to 4 working days. Please note that supporting documents may be required for validation purposes.

We have the right to not publish and remove an Edu-Calendar event if we deem event content or information inappropriate. We therefore ask that organisations or institutions ensure that event information is accurate before and during publication on Edu-Calendar.

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